5 Mindsets That Can Help You Succeed In Life

Stay hungry, stay foolish

Steve Jobs

I’m a believer that our mindsets play a major role in our success or failure. Like how a set of program or code controls a computer, tablet or a smartphone, our mindsets control how we act. How we act determines how far we can go in life.

That’s why I’m sharing the 5 mindsets that I’m using so I can achieve success in my own life.

Think & Act Like An Owner

Whether you’re working for someone else, or you have your own business, or if you’re like me who owns businesses while working for another company, it is important that we think and act like an owner.

Thinking and acting like an owner gives us a certain level of freedom to do things that only an owner is willing to do for his business and life. This will enable us to make tough decisions and take ownership on things that really matter. Success requires us to make tough decisions and take ownership on a regular basis. That’s why those who think and act like an owner are the ones who become successful.

Genuinely Care For Others

If you’re doing something for the money, chances are high that you won’t last long in your career. Money is important, but genuinely caring for other people will help you weather the storm. Look at the success icons of the world. You’ll see that they have genuine care for their people, their customers. They experienced some obstacles and challenges that are huge enough to make them give up. But because they genuinely care for other people, they came, they saw, and they conquered.

Don’t Worry

We worry about everything. We worry if we will pass or not. We worry if people will like us or not. We worry if we can still survive tomorrow or not. Worrying will never solve your problem. Leave out all of your emotions and look at your problems in the eye with logic and rational thinking.

This will make you see the problem as it is and will allow you to stop making up problems that don’t even exist. Philippians 4:6 says, “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.”

Focus on what you can do and give your best shot. Don’t worry. Let God do the rest.

Live For Today, Prepare For The Future

Let’s face it. We shape our future by the things that we do today. So, if you want to become a success story tomorrow, do the things that will make you successful today. There are people who dream of a better tomorrow, but are lazy enough to work hard today. There are people who only focus today but has no plans for tomorrow. You need to find the balance.

Work hard today, prepare for the future, and write your own story of success!

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

As a closing remark of his Stanford speech, Steve Jobs said, “Stay hungry, stay foolish”. It left a permanent mark on my life. That served as the green light for me to achieve my goals no matter how crazy they might be. It served as an encouragement to never settle and stay hungry for success.

We all have dreams in life for ourselves and our families. I encourage you to take ownership of your own life and your own success. Genuinely care for other people because they are the ones who will set you up for success. Don’t worry and trust that if you do your best, everything else will come into their rightful place. Live for today, but don’t forget to prepare for tomorrow. Last but not the least, I encourage you to stay hungry and stay foolish. Go ahead and achieve your wildest dreams!


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